Increasing First Nations participation in the Northern Australian forestry sector

A significant proportion of the Hub‘s land area is Indigenous owned with numerous communities in remote areas surrounded by forests. Forest-based enterprises offer opportunities for First Nations peoples to develop livelihoods and skills required in the forestry industry. The purpose of this project is to outline what is needed to develop comprehensive training frameworks to […]

Roadmap to markets

This project report provides a detailed understanding of the specific infrastructure needs for the forestry industry in the Hub area to support it to progress from the growing stage to getting products to markets.

Indigenous Engagement Strategy and Framework

Develop a framework and strategy for Indigenous Engagement by applying free, prior and informed consent principles to inform on industry opportunities and practicalities. A formal report will result in outlining an Indigenous Engagement Protocol for forestry practices, research and commercial opportunities across Northern Australia. This is a joint investment between the North Queensland and NT […]

Infrastructure, Supply Chain Analysis

To inform industry and government on potential weaknesses in the forestry supply chain. The report draws upon interviews and other sources and provides a broad analysis of the current state of the NT forestry industry including sectors and businesses, history, climate, economic and political environment, and an outline of growth opportunities as well as barriers […]

Emerging Forestry Opportunities for Northern Australia using GIS Hotspot Analysis

A GIS is a digital system used to store, manage, analyse, display and communicate landscape related information and its influencing factors, drivers, and constraints. The purpose of this foundational GIS tool is to allow Hub projects and Hub Stakeholders the ability to organise and visualize spatial data for forestry across Northern Australia. Various publicly available […]